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When Sachin Retires!

The intention of this article is not to praise the Little Master but to acknowledge the great who masters the cricket.

Sachin, a university for cricket doesn't show off and this particular character on and off the field is fetching him huge fans.
We can describe his batting in a single line - 'The rhythm of his batting is melodic' and whenever he reaches some milestones we may tend to think, so does luck favor Sachin? but eventually Cricket's favorite is Sachin...

Sport Cricket is really blessed to produce a Cricketer who is an absolute Human.

Few facts:

1. For Sachin, Creating records are always greater than Breaking records.
2. Even when he drops a easy catch, we say ", that was a bit tough to catch"
3. "Drop Sachin's catch and get praised" - People cursing a player for dropping Sachin's catch     is always lesser than people praising him.
4. Most of Sachin's escape from losing his wicket might be because of Prayers
5. Even if he plays for our opponent in IPL, Our heart really whispers Sachin..Sachin

Have you ever imagined the scenes when Sachin retires from world cricket?

None's heart would really resist this as we want him to be immortal in Cricket as well. Who knows even the sport cricket may desire the same!
But one day every legend has to give this tough feel to their fans that ever lasts in their mind.
Sachin would definitely love to play his last match in his home ground.
Apart from Sachin decorating News headlines, huge uncontrollable traffic around the city where he plays, the below two picks would be the best
  - Many cricket icons in queue to witness this master's miracles at the crease in his last international.
  - We, giving farewell with our priceless tears.

Yup, Even the tears we shed for him go priceless and those tiny tears will feel proud for being shed for a Numero Uno Sachin.
We, his fans will be his greatest asset of all time.

A crown to this King is awaiting yet - WorldCup'11
Keep in mind, even this will be just an acknowledgment and not a credit - Salute Sachin

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